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New Residential Tower Announced in Edgewater-2900 Terrace

November 8, 2023 by Jacki Taylor

2900 Terrace Edgewater

A new residential high-rise is poised to redefine the skyline of Miami's Edgewater neighborhood, presenting a potential investment opportunity. The blueprint, which is currently under the scrutiny of Miami's Urban Development Review Board, envisions a 38-story edifice, soaring to a majestic 380 feet.

This ambitious project is slated to encompass a total of 324 upscale residential units, with an average size of 1,069 square feet, tailored to meet the expectations of a sophisticated clientele. Approximately 22,354 square feet allocated for office spaces, designed to cater to high-end professional services.

An additional 13,108 square feet dedicated to commercial ventures, likely to attract premium retail brands. Over 10,000 square feet of park and plaza areas, meticulously planned to foster community engagement and vibrant pedestrian dynamics. A substantial parking structure offering 515 spaces across four levels, levels 2 through 5, featuring an aesthetically pleasing artistic screen.

The landscape architecture is set to feature an array of indigenous trees, selected not only for their compatibility with the local climate but also for their capacity to offer ample shade, enhancing the pedestrian experience. The architectural vision for this tower comes from the renowned firm Arquitectonica, known for their innovative designs that blend functionality with visual appeal.

The development is being spearheaded by 2900 Terrace Owner, LLC, a name that may soon become synonymous with luxury living in Miami. The proposal is scheduled for review on November 15th by the UDRB, marking a date of significance for investors looking to capitalize on Miami's thriving real estate market.

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